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I love my family! I do:). Right now, my husband and I have had crazy schedules since moving out here. He travels, I've gone to Chicago two weekends to work, he's gone to San Antonio for work on a weekend and Nashville for a bachelor party. We are non-stop until August also, from here on out. So I would love to get things done around the house, hang out, go swimming, go out to eat and just hang. But let's be real....

1. Getting things done around the house with kids. HA that's hilarious. I clean as they destroy everything in their path. We have a mini mud pit in our yard (unintentionally) that needs some wood/boarder around it. Well that's super fun to try to do with 2 boys who love the mud and water. And all of the neighbors who enjoy it as well. My next thought is do it during nap....Well this weekend in SC is suppose to be 95....Let's not and say we did. 

2. Cleaning (I know, I'm super exciting). I also have the attention span of a goldfish (it's short, look it up). So getting a task done (like writing this blog), takes me wayyyy to long. I start one project and move to another without finishing. So while it sounds nice, it doesn't ever get done with my attention span and my kids. 

3. Swimming: yes its summer and our neighborhood has a pool. But the reality of sitting back and enjoying is not there. Landon, while he can pretty much swim, will follow the older kids and do things he actually can't do. Jax, who is just 2, will follow Landon. Making us run around like maniacs with about 100 other parents doing the same thing. 

4. Going out to eat. I love hanging out, having a drink, eating good food. With kids??? Ummmm no thank you. While they are getting better (we are past the screaming for everything phase, kind of), it's still not that enjoyable. I usually take my food to go so I can eat peace when they are in bed. 

5. Just hanging: by the time the boys are in bed, which is a decent time because I'm crazy about sleep and me time, I'm EXHAUSTED by then. Then I usually need to work. Because again, working or doing anything when kids are awake is near impossible. #momboss

So, what would I really like for Mother's Day? Time off:). My husband is great and has given me that for the past few Mother's Day's. He also always takes over when he gets home so I can just run away. This year, I think I cashed in too early when we moved because I was stressed and needed to work. But in all reality, I take that time to work, edit pictures, blog, watch videos and classes I've bought, etc. So is it rest/time off. Not really, but drinking wine and eating a giant cheeseburger alone while I do it....priceless. 

But when it's all said and done, my family is my world. I love every crazy, loud, chaotic moment that comes my way. So I'm going to spend Mother's Day with all of the crazies in my house. I will yell, drink, yell some more, but thus is my life:). 

And if you are wondering, I started this blog at 8AM. It is being published at 6PM. #normallife

I also usually post only my professional photos of my life (because it makes me feel half way normal), let's be real, no ones normal, so here is my crazy daily life. Enjoy! And videos to complete the pictures of life


I still have no idea what he actually meant to say 

I mean....he's not entirely wrong.

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