Chicago trip #1 | Charlotte Family Photographer

Since I have AMAZING clients back in Chicago, I booked another trip just for sessions! 

Let's start with me traveling by myself....It's so much easier, but I'm a hot mess all the time:). So even without kids, I looked like a train wreck. Charlotte traffic and airport parking is by far way easier than Chicago! The bus driver from the parking lot even asked if we had everything out of our car. She waited for someone who had to run back. Now if someone were running late in Chicago, words probably would've been exchanged.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even ask, let alone wait. 

I have MAJOR anxiety and stress when I fly. My wonderful sister paid for me to come in early this trip so we can hang. That means I got to the airport at 5:30AM. Now I don't care what time it is; I need a drink before getting on a plane. NO ALCOHOL before 7AM. WHAT?!! Welp, I feel bad for the person sitting next to me then. 

I had a semi broken suitcase with me and my camera bag that weighs more than me. I was falling over, my bags were falling over, and I was sweating, hitting people with my bags...for real, hot mess. As I finally sat my disheveled self on the plane, I saw a man looking at pictures on his phone. Now to most, this would mean nothing, but it triggered a memory of when Sean and I took our trip to Miami. We saw a man in front of us looking at pictures as well. But these were no ordinary pictures; they were pictures of him holding his own penis. Yes. Multiple pictures of his penis. I mean, that's cool I guess, but it's like when people pick their nose in the car....We CAN see you!

After the short (felt long) flight, I was ready to hang out with sissy and see all of my wonderful clients!! It was a fast, crazy, busy trip, but I am thankful for all who still want to use me when I come in. 

Here are just some of the pictures I took while there. And a BIG thank you to Brittany with Brittany Lynn Studios. If it weren’t for her, we wouldn't have any photos! Chicago couldn't get its shit together and it was cold, rainy, windy and snowy!