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The Ruzicka family....I have known Gina (yes we know we have the same name) since 5th grade. We met a fashion show (no we aren't fancy, it was through our elementary school) and became fast friends. I have watched Gina grow a beautiful family and am sad I won't be there to photographer her sons birth. I did have a chance to have an amazing session before I left. Dany even asked for me! 

Nothing's better than family,
For the ones who love you so
Be a shoulder to cry on when you are in need
They will never leave you alone
When your friends bring you down
And they drag you through the dirt
And nobody is around
They will carry you through the hurt

Just remember that family comes first
Where you gonna run to? when no one is around
Do you think how dare they will love you.
When your face is on the ground? (face is on the ground),
When you feel your strength is almost gone
And When your heart is getting weak (getting weak)
And you don't think you can keep holding on
And they stand for your feet (just remember)
Family comes first

Whitney Houston-Family First

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